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Kids Snacking Made Easy With Plum Organics®

February 15, 2020

This post is sponsored by Plum Organics®. The opinions and text are all mine.

Moms, you know the days when you feel like you’re going non-stop from school pick up to bedtime and the day can seem like an endless checklist of small to-dos? I know the feeling! For me, the “2-pm-til-bedtime” stretch can sometimes feel like a marathon. Get in the carline, grab a snack, drive to this class, hop over to that practice, head home, cook dinner (often while kids are requesting another snack), tidy kitchen, help with homework, do bath time, bed time and pack lunches for the next day. 

30A Mama Jami Ray - Plum Organics

Did you get a gold star of approval for your efforts? Not likely. Did you even sit down or have a moment of peace? Doubt it. Do you keep it up because you love your kids and want to give them all the good things you can? Yep. Join the club. 

A mom’s work is a wild mix of mental, physical and emotional. It’s not one in which you get glowing performance reviews or annual bonuses because you successfully held an insane amount of parental knowledge in your head like a walking storage drive. But it is a job where making smart choices goes a long way and doing the best you can in a given moment adds up. It’s a practice, not something perfect and if you’re like me, recognizing the things that help me do my job better is huge. Huge. 

30A Mama Jami Ray - Plum Organics

For example, having healthy and easily accessible snacks on hand takes one worry off the list. Both my girls love Plum Organics® and for good reason. Collins, who’s 2, nearly inhales the Plum Organics® Pouches, she loves them so much. I have to squeeze the last bit out and she watches me like a hawk to make sure I’m getting it all. These Pear, Purple Carrot and Blueberry Pouches are a hit lately. 

Emery, who’s 8, prefers the Plum Organics® Mighty Snack Bars in either Blueberry or Strawberry. She anticipates a snack as soon as the door closes in the car line. It really makes such a difference to have these in my bag or in the car so I can grab them and share at the first sound of, “Mommy, I’m hungry.” They’re organic, delicious and full of vitamins and minerals that would take a ton more effort to otherwise incorporate into my kids’ meals. Something about a pouch or a snack bar makes snacking healthy simple and effortless. 

I found these in the baby aisle in Publix along with a full range of delicious flavor options. Plum Organics® is affordable and makes organic accessible. If you have a picky eater, these snacks offer a great way to sneak in a little something healthy along with a familiar taste to ensure these growing kiddos get the nutrition they need.

30A Mama Jami Ray - Plum Organics

Before heading to pickup, I make sure my bag is fully stocked. Depending on the day, we either go straight to gymnastics or chess or have a slight delay before lacrosse with a little play time before practice. I like the girls to take a quick timeout and eat their snack together before breaking off and running in their own directions. These snacks are great in the car, at the park or even as a pre-dinner appetizer. 

30A Mama Jami Ray - Plum Organics

We’ve even enjoyed setting up a cute little shop in the playhouse where the girls pretend to buy and sell snacks among themselves and the neighbors. It’s pretty hilarious because somehow the real products start disappearing as the pretend game goes on. They’re just too good to resist!

If you haven’t tried these and need a reason to take the plunge, now is the time. 

From 2/15/20 – 2/28/20, buy 2 Plum Organics® Pouches and get a free Plum Organics® Snack at Publix!

30A Mama Jami Ray - Plum Organics


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