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Geek Chic – Summer Tech Accessories

July 17, 2013

With summer not even halfway to the technical midpoint, let’s take a moment to share some of our favorite accessories that will keep your cameras, phones, tablets and snapshots safe from the elements and ready to rock on through to next season. If you hit 30A with your camera in tow to capture the scenery, architecture or sweet family moments, be sure you’ve got your gear protected properly. For chic camera bags, we love Rebecca Minkoff’s Collin bag for its smaller size and classic white shade just as much as we love Kelly Moore’s roomier Songbird in vivid blue. For a splurge, the PS1 iPad case is heaven on earth with is sorbet tone and signature straps. For a sleek DSLR with interchangeable lenses that’s light and lovely, we suggest the Nikon J3. If you hit the beach on business, we’ve found the perfect file-saving accessory in this dainty leather bracelet. For the coolest beach radio that would be just as at home in an old-school surf movie scene, swing by the YOLO store to grab a Swansea radio. Since 30A’s main mode of transportation is the bicycle, we love adding a mount for your smartphone, like this one from PhotoJoJo, to capture all the sidewalk, sight-seeing adventures.



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