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61 days of emery

May 31, 2011

I can’t believe another month with Emery has flown by so fast. Where did the last four weeks go? Today she got her two month shots and tomorrow I’m back to work. Next thing you know, I’ll be sending her off to college. So much has happened this month and I’m constantly amazed at how much she grows and changes daily. Today she weighed 12 lbs 6 oz and was 23 1/2″ long.
In May, Emery started smiling. When Hunter or I talk to her and get close to her face, she cracks the biggest sideways smile and pushes those big cheeks out even farther. I could just smile with her all day. She’s really getting a feel for her voice and has cried louder this month than we thought was possible for a sweet little baby. When she follows it up with a big smile, all distress is long forgotten. Emery loves her tummy time and is really working on holding her head up.
She’s really seen the sights too. We’ve been on lots of walks, seen a bunny rabbit in our backyard, duckies at the lake, taken Emery to church, traveled on her first plane trip and even took her fishing. What a month for such a little girl! I love her so much and have had so much fun getting to know her and see her personality develop. Going back to work should really make those nights and mornings with my girlie even more special than before. When I’m not working, I will definitely be kissing Emery’s sweet cheeks!


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