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sharp-looking shutters

December 30, 2011
While combing through a few yet-to-be-unpacked tote boxes in the shed today, I came across one lonely shutter. (Yes, I still have some unpacking to do, nearly five months later, but who’s counting?) It’s not hard for something to stand out in a small storage room full of junk, but this piece has potential. It’s a single, tall greenish shutter with an obvious layer of dust and perhaps a spiderweb or two. The old thing looked great! I’ll have to ask Hunter where it came from or what house it belonged to, but I’m sure that I can find a lovely home for it in one of our nooks or on one of our walls. Since it’s not a set of shutters, just one, it might be a bit more challenging, but here are a few ideas I’ve come across. If you have a better one, do share! I’d love to hear. I’m hoping to find a brilliant idea and knock this project out this weekend. 
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