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birthday fun and v

August 21, 2011

What a wonderful and relaxing day I had yesterday! It was the first day of my twenty-eighth year and I so relished kicking my feet up, floating in the pool, spending a lazy day at our new home and being treated to a fabulous dinner by my handsome husband. Life is surely sweet and I’m currently riding a blessed sugar high.We spent the morning in…

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India Hicks at the b.!

August 9, 2011

She’s baaack! India Hicks is back at the beach armed with a fabulous trunk show my eyes can’t wait to devour. India is launching a fine jewelry line and is showing it off to all of us lucky beach girls (and guys) before it even hits Bloomingdales. Location: the equally-fabulous studio b. in Alys Beach, which I adore. As a style icon, designer and possessor…

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dip-dye hair

July 22, 2011

I’m not sure I could ever bring myself to do this to my hair, but perhaps cutting a few inches has given me a new wild streak. Even Lauren Conrad, who has become somewhat of a beauty icon known for classic, simple, girly styles, infused some crazy color into her blonde extensions (below left). It may only be temporary, but it looks like fun. What…

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I Heart America

July 2, 2011

Happy Fourth indeed! I LOVE celebrating Independence Day! Red, white and blue infiltrates every avenue and the perfectly crisp and patriotic color palette looks sweet as can be on everything from food to fashion to the night sky. Navy and red become favorites and stripes…. oh stripes. I can’t get enough! I love finding spirited ideas for tasty bites and fabulous outfits. Of course, Pinterest…

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Ruskin’s First Friday

There are so many cool spots in South Walton that are well known to families from Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas and beyond (hello, Red Bar!). These places have become a visitor and local staple. You only have to drive through Seaside’s section of 30A to see sidewalks lined with the picturesque Seaside Post Office, the vintage cool Airstream Row and sunset favorite Bud & Alley’s. The…

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duckies galore

May 19, 2011

On another of our walks around Lake Defuniak, Emery and I got plenty of fresh air, sunshine and even duck sightings. We don’t usually walk right by the water and I didn’t realize there were so many duckies around the lake! Next time I’ll have to bring bread crumbs…We took a note from the day and let Emery sleep with a few duck buddies of…

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sparkling toes

May 10, 2011

Ordinarily, I am opposed to all things glitter. (Shimmer, an entirely different category, is not included.) I made an exception for my toes today since nail color is low commitment, and so far I’m loving it. A little sparkle for the toes is fun every once in a while!…

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seaside playdate

May 7, 2011

I just love getting together with Danielle and sweet little Alexandra for our weekly playdates. I’m pretty sure the little ones have no clue they’re involved in any such playdate at this point. The outings are really just for us to enjoy, though we’re sure the girls are destined to be BFFs, naturally. This week we spent the day strolling around Seaside (literally pushing strollers),…

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to lob or not to lob

April 3, 2011

Long hair is like my security blanket and outside of my toddler years of growing it out, I think I’ve only ever cut my hair near my shoulders once. I wore it curly almost all the time back then and needless to say, the look wasn’t a hit. I had a lot to learn about styling and fighting frizz and the poodle look just didn’t…

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the grand opening

March 25, 2011

Since work wasn’t cancelled due to Sephora’s grand opening in Destin Commons last week, I’ve had to wait until yesterday to check it out. Finally, I got to see all the great products in person I had been scoping on the screen for so long. It was heaven! view full post »…

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weekend getaway to atl

February 14, 2011

With only a few weeks left til Emery is scheduled to arrive, Hunter planned a little weekend away in Atlanta for some much-needed rest, relaxation and shopping. What a good hubby he is! The weekend was just what I needed.There’s something about oversized hotel pillows and puffy down comforters that make for two very good nights of sleep. I’ve only recently started tossing and turning…

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pink shower

February 11, 2011

How cute is this invitation for my baby shower next month? Jennifer, Danielle and Becca are putting it together for me and they are doing such a fabulous job! Even though I never really considered myself a “pink” person before getting pregnant, I can’t seem to get enough of it now. The baby pink is just so sweet and lovely. It seems like a perfect…

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sunset collection

January 15, 2011

On my way to the first night of the 30A Songwriters Festival, I had to pull over not once, but three times to snap a few pictures as the sun went down. It was just that good. view full post »…

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from Hunter & Jami plus one

December 21, 2010

Here are about half of the cards I finally mailed today. Sorry if you’re on the list and you don’t get one by Christmas. They also say Happy New Year, so as long as they arrive in 2010, I think I’m safe. view full post »…

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August 15, 2010

St. Lucia was fabulous!! It was wonderfully relaxing and romantic. The beach was pretty and the people were all so nice. For the most part, we were just bums, going from the beach to the pool to the bar to eat and to sleep. It was great. The only picture I didn’t get was of my favorite frozen drink while we were there — the…

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