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Cupcake Kind of Day

November 16, 2009

Sometimes you have those days when you just need a little something extra to
feel slightly less frazzled and less like a crazy person. Mondays tend to make me feel that way and I think sweet treats have a little more healing power than they usually get credit for. Today would be a perfect day to indulge in a little fresh-baked goodness from this little corner bakery. Doesn’t it look warm and inviting?

It’s Billy’s Bakery in NYC! If only it was my corner bakery. I think it’s even better than the famed Magnolia Bakery, which I also had to sample when my sister and I were in New York not too long ago. I loved everything about the place, from the buttercream walls to the vintage floral panels to the retro aqua accents. Not to mention the baked goodies themselves….
Just look at some of those cupcakes! I didn’t even get a shot of the whole selection, but I zoomed right in on my usual choice – red velvet. Mmmm… Jennifer went with the classic chocolate with a minty green frosting and, of course, sprinkles on top.
It didn’t take long to go from this….
to this.
Maybe it’s a good thing Billy’s isn’t right around the corner after all. It might be a little dangerous!

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