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Booked: a trip to NYC!

August 13, 2009
Exciting news! Jennifer and I are headed to New York on a spur-of-the-moment trip for a long weekend coming up. The thing about the city is there is so much to see and do it can be overwhelming, or, as I like to see it, a fabulous challenge to fit in as much sightseeing, shopping and activities as we can possibly squeeze into four days. I like to check out the Weblicist’s cool NYC shots, but in a very short time, we’ll get to see them in person. I’m practically giddy!

In New York, you never know what people you’ll run into. Maybe a TV host or big movie star. Or maybe one of the Gossip kids shooting outside the Met and around town.
Wouldn’t this outfit be perfect in Auburn? Big bags are back!

They say you can eat at a different restaurant every night and never repeat! Here’s at least one place I plan to visit: the Mercer Kitchen in the Mercer Hotel. So delicious! Any other suggestions? It’s gonna be a blast!

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