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birthday fun and v

August 21, 2011

What a wonderful and relaxing day I had yesterday! It was the first day of my twenty-eighth year and I so relished kicking my feet up, floating in the pool, spending a lazy day at our new home and being treated to a fabulous dinner by my handsome husband. Life is surely sweet and I’m currently riding a blessed sugar high.
We spent the morning in the pool, splashing in the water, laughing and watching the clouds roll by. It was heaven. Emery was well slathered in sunscreen and her bright pink hat while I was hoping for a sun kiss.

 How cute are those pink ruffles and giant chubby cheeks?

It takes her a little while to decide that she likes the water, but once she does, she can’t get enough. She even tries to lick the water droplets off the float or her hands.

 After lunch we took a family ride in the mule down to the scuppernong vines. Hunter’s grandparents owned a nursery years ago and still pride themselves on the variety and deliciousness of these succulent fruits.


We eat them right off the vine.

…and take a bowl-full home to snack on later. 

 Hunter had to stop at one of his deer food plots and toss out a new bag of corn.

He takes his hunting preparations very seriously.

Meanwhile, Emery and I hang out in the mule and she sees how tightly she can ball her fists.

Then we head back to the pool. It is August after all and just under 100 degrees. There’s our house in the distance! Can you see it?

 More fun in the pool, this time without the pink ruffles.

Before I knew it, the day is done and we were dropping off Emery at my parents’ house. Being treated to a romantic date with my hubby was just what I needed!

 The sunset over the bay was gorgeous!

Of course, we had to stop at Bud & Alley’s before dinner to watch the end of the sunset and reminisce.

It wasn’t all that long ago that we were enjoying our second first date at the rooftop bar and even less time since this handsome man was down on one knee with a shiny ring in his hand. It’s definitely a special place for us and one full of fond memories.

Cheers to all of the fun we’ve had and all the fun to come! (If you’ve never tried the Mo-garita, you’re missing out!)

We went on to dinner at V Seagrove and proceeded to indulge in more tasty cocktails and delicious food than  two people should be allowed to enjoy. Our taste buds and bellies were happy!

We love to support local farmers and fishermen!

Our seats were at the Chef’s table, which overlooks the kitchen and gives an amazing, fast-paced show of organized chaos while we ate. I loved it!

 After an appetizer of shrimp…

… I had the tuna…

… and cheese grits… 

… while Hunter had what he said was one of the best steaks he’s ever eaten. (And he’s eaten a lot of steaks!)
By the time dessert rolled around, my iPhone died and I was enjoying myself way too much. It’s probably better that there isn’t photographic evidence after this point. It was a wonderful dinner with my man, a perfect day with the family and a birthday treat I was so thankful for.


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