Shopping: Jazz Up Your Jewelry with Rocksbox

Get your first month of Rocksbox free with code 30astreetstylexoxo There’s nothing like new jewelry, am I right? For those of you who want to add a little sparkle to your fall wardrobe and want an easy way to find pieces you will love and wear, I have to share my latest discovery. Rocksbox delivers jewelry...

30A Street Style LaceUp Heels

Shopping: Lace-Up Heels

These have been my go-to sandals for this tricky summer-to-fall transition season. It’s still 80-90 degrees every day, so sweaters and boots are still a distant Pinterest board.  I’ve been switching between breezy shirtdresses and distressed denim with neutral blouses. It’s my uniform the last few weeks. Lace-up sandals work equally well with these looks...

30 Street Style - 30 Questions on 30A - Amy Giles

30 Questions on 30A with Wardrobe Made Simple’s Amy Giles

Wardrobe Made Simple’s Amy Giles in her WaterSound home, photographed by Jacqueline Ward Images   If you’ve ever met Amy Giles, you know she is a chic ball of energy. She’s a Type A girl who is always on the go, warmly greets you with a hug and remembers to ask about that little detail from whatever...

30A Street Style Willow Boutique Dress Seaside 6

OOTD: Breezy Shirtdress from Willow Boutique

Ever have one of those outfits you just can’t stop wearing? It becomes part of your uniform and is just one of those things you can throw on with no extra thinking, yet still feel totally comfortable and confident with your look. This breezy shirtdress from Willow + Woods has been that dress for me for...